Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The perfect fit tips //

"How important is it, to have my dress professionally fitted?".....

I recently received a compliment from one of my JTBC brides in relation to her question above. The bride was attending her first fitting and was so happy with how her dress was looking at the initial 'pinning and tweaking stage' that she announced that she would cancel her newly purchased gym membership! The bride had felt that she had to hit the gym and in her words "to get in trim, to look perfect in my wedding dress".

Not wanting to go into whether a bride should 'get in trim' leading up to their wedding day.... The bride's 'quitting the gym' announcement speaks volumes on how important it is to have your wedding dress professionally fitted and how having a perfectly fitted gown can make such a difference to the look and feel of your dress.

I'm proud to stock some fabulous designers who do, without a doubt, create dresses made to a bride's measurements, to precise perfection. However, there may be some in-house dress alterations and tweaks to be done to a bride's gown to make it 'total perfection'. For Julia Tasker Bridal Couture brides, these tweaks and adjustments are carried out here in the premises of the boutique. All fittings, pinning and actual undertaking of alterations are carried out by myself, not a single dress leaves the boutique to be sent to an out-sourced seamstress. Brides who have received the 'JTBC fitting experience' in the past, have since mentioned that having the knowledge and in their words 'their newly arrived designer wedding dress, was in safe hands while when being altered', was extremely reassuring for them.

Fitting facts and tips...

1// Timings
Most standard alterations (tweaking of the dress bodice and shortening of the hemline etc) fittings usually start around 6-8 weeks prior to a bride's wedding day. A bride usually will require 2-3 fittings if the dress has been made for the bride by one of the boutiques' designers.

2// Wedding weight
Ideally, a bride should be at her ideal weight when final measurements are taken for her dress. However, if the bride's body shape changes after final measurement. most dresses are relatively easy to alter and tweak. If your dress is a 'tricky' style to alter then you will be advised at your final measure appointment.

3// What to bring
Bra, wedding shoes (often forgotten, ooops) and preferably seamless pants, particular if you're wearing a fitted dress. Advice on suitable underwear can be given prior to your fittings. Also, just a quick tip...wear minimal make-up and no fake tan, as you wouldn't want it rubbing onto your new pristine dress! Better to be safe than sorry.

4// Attendees
Best not to bring an entourage of people with you to your fittings. Ideally, come by yourself or with mum or a bridesmaid.

5// Alterations costs
Alterations costs are not included in the dress price. Costs do vary depending on what alterations are needed to be carried out to the dress. An estimate of cost is often given when your dress is ordered or purchased.

If you haven't purchased your dress from Julia Tasker Bridal Couture, seeking professional seamstress is a must or ask your chosen bridal boutique. For those brides that have purchased their dress here at the boutique, you'll receive an exceptional alteration and fit service...

One final note.... take a look at Chanel's fifth fashion top tip!

Until next time.

Julia X

Me fitting #JTBC bride Sarah in her Sassi Holford dress, image by Andrea Pickering Photography
Chanel - WhoWhatWearUK via Pinterest.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Timing Tips / When should I start my search? //

It's a New Year and I expect many of you recently engaged brides are probably wondering when is a good time to start your wedding dress search?

It's mid-January and I can tell already from the enquiries coming through to the boutique that many of you future brides are very excited about the prospect of planning your wedding... and there's a lot to plan. But you're not quite sure when to start your wedding dress search? Some brides worry that if they don't start looking for their dress the minute they have an engagement ring on their finger, they won't find 'the one' in time. Others panic that if they find their dress too soon, the big "what if" or maybe another "better dress" will be around the corner. In practice, theses two scenarios very rarely happen.

Here's my tip on when to start your wedding dress search.

When should I start?...
When to start your wedding dress search is entirely up to you but can depend on the date of your wedding and whether your wedding is in 6 months time, 12 months time or even if you're a lengthy planner, in 24 months time. Ideally, you need to have a wedding date, with your wedding venue/s booked and in place prior to starting the search for you dress and contacting bridal boutiques. Most brides don't start looking for their dress search until 12 months before the wedding, which is usually the length of time I tend to advise in most circumstances. Also, another thing to take into consideration is that your dress may take around 4 to 6 months to arrive, therefore 12 months is a good timeframe.

What if my wedding is not for 18 months or more?...
If you have got the time, there's no reason you can't use it. However, if you do find your dress more than a year prior to your wedding day without ordering it, bear in mind that that particular dress may not be around in 12 months time. Designers do discontinue dress styles from year to year, season to season and a particular style which you have fallen in love with may no longer be available to order. So if you have found 'the dress', congratulations and don't delay on placing the order. As in past experience, this can lead to a disappointed bride when the dress has no longer become available.
There is a greater advantage of finding your dress in good time too, as your dress can and inevitably will, dictate the 'look' of your wedding day. Your dress will not only influence what wedding hair and makeup you may have but also your flowers, bridesmaids dresses, wedding cake and in some cases (depending on the man in your life) what the groom will wear.

So wedding dress search 'rule of thumb', if you can, try to start your search with an available 12 months for your wedding dress quest.

#jtbcbride Shannon shares her thoughts and tips:
Hi Julia, "in my opinion I think a year before you get married is enough time, as you may remember when I first picked my dress I wasn't going to get married for another 2 years but then we moved the wedding forward a year. It felt so much, better it only being a year, as I knew it only be another 6 months before I could try my dress on again when my dress arrived into the boutique. And know I would feel the exact same way I did when I first tried my dress on! The biggest advice I would give to any bride is to keep your 'entourage' to the minimum. Only my mum saw my dress before the wedding and that's the best thing I could ever done!.... One its a nice surprise for everyone (as my bridesmaids said the dress was not what they thought I would have gone for but they loved it!) and two I couldn't think of anything worse than a group of people potentially criticising the dress I had fallen in love with".

If you're a past bride who can offer other new brides advice on when you think it is the best time to start their wedding dress search... I'd love to hear from you and leave a comment below.

If you would like to make an appointment, please get in touch and let's talk...
Call: 015394 46900
Email: info@juliatasker.co.uk
Message: Julia Tasker Bridal Couture through Facebook or Insta 

Until next time,


Thank you, to Shannon for your 'guest tip'.

Bride image: Photography Bowness.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Five top tips for attending a Designer Day Event //

Ahead of our upcoming Sassi Holford Designer Day on Saturday 21st January... (which I have to add is going to be a pretty exciting event, as Sassi will be attending Designer Day with her NEW 2017 collection!). I thought I'd share some useful tips and things to consider before attending a Designer Day here at Julia Tasker Bridal Couture.
Firstly you may be wondering...

What's a Designer Day? //

Every year, here at the boutique we hold a number of Designer Events, Designer Days, Trunk Shows and Collection Previews. These events may all have different names but the over-all they relate to the same thing - limited periods of time when brides-to-be can experience and try for themselves the new season's Bridal Collections from our boutique's designers. Our designers will send their entire collection, so these events are basically a great opportunity for brides try a variety of styles at these full-on bridal fashion events. And in this case, the designer is present too, to meet brides, offer invaluable styling advice and select your perfect wedding dress for you. How exciting is that!

So here are my top 5 tips for attending a Designer Day.

5 Top tips for attending a Designer Event //

1 // Take a look at the Designers' website.... check out Sassi's here. Have a browse at their collections to get a feel of the dresses and accessories that may be on offer for you to try at the Designer Day. If the designer's new Collection (head here) is available to view on their website, prior to the event, you are more than welcome to request a particular style/s to try at the event.

2 // When attending a Designer Day, come with an open mind and be willing to try on wedding dresses you thought you never would. You may be pleasantly surprised by the type of style that you fall in love with.

3 // Bring a maximum of 2 people with you to the event, whose opinion you trust most. Too many people can make the experience confusing.

4 // It may be a good idea to come ready to make a decision, as designer incentives and boutique discount will only be available during the Designer Day. Many brides will find their dress at these Designer Days.

5 // Most of all, have fun and enjoy trying the collection and meeting the designer!

Appointments are going fast for our up-coming Sassi Holford Designer Day on Saturday 21st January. If you would like to make an appointment to meet Sassi and try the new collection, please contact the boutique asap to avoid disappointment - 
Email: info@juliatasker.co.uk or Call: 015394 46900.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time.

Julia x

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

New arrival / 'Paislee' by Caroline Castigliano //

This week I welcomed the arrival of 'Paislee' by luxury British bridal designer Caroline Castigliano...

One bride described the boutique's newest arrival as "very pretty and in fact captivating"... I have to say, I tend to agree. With a circular skirt created using layer upon layer of silk satin organza and fine tulle, which simply swishes at the slightest movement... the truly dress is captivating. And the delicate hand placed crystal lace on the bodice is very, very pretty.

Designed and created for the Caroline Castigliano 2017 'Love is in the Air' Collection, 'Paislee' also introduces a new type of bodice construction and fabrics into the Castigliano collection. With the use of stretch mesh and Lycra, the bodice of the dress moulds and moves with the body while keeping the support and structure of a impeccably made strapless dress. The seaming and corsetry in the bodice of the dress is most impressive... I had to take a photo of the inside of the dress to show you! (image below)...

Also, I'm loving the soft blush colour of the bodice (also available in totally ivory colour) which is bang on trend for 2017... look at couture bridal designer Monique Lhuillier Fall 2017 collection for more blush/ivory lace and mesh layered combo inspiration...

Monique Lhullier Fall 2017

There's also a matching lace and mesh caplet shrug (keep scrolling) which is very pretty too and great for those brides who don't want a completely strapless dress. (see above and below)...

How do you like our newest dress arrival?
Contact the Boutique to try 'Paislee' for yourself, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. And guess what, it gets better! Between 3rd December and 17th December we are offering £150 off a full price Caroline Castigliano dress order.

Until next time,

Julia x

Sunday, 27 November 2016

December events and offers at Julia Tasker Bridal Couture //

Hi all,

With Christmas soon approaching... I have some very exciting news to tell you about upcoming December events here in the boutique!
To celebrate the festive season Julia Tasker Bridal Couture will be holding a number of amazing events and offers throughout December… you simply won’t want to miss out brides-to-be.

// £150 off dress orders.
From 3rd – 17th December – find your perfect dress here in the boutique and you’ll receive *£150.00 off a full priced designer wedding dress order. (*Paloma Blanca dress order receive £100 off)

// SASSI HOLFORD SAMPLE SALE, 2nd & 3rd December.
Massive reductions on beautiful Sassi Holford sample dresses for 2 days only. AND receive a further £50 the sample sale price, our Christmas gift to you.

Massive reductions on beautiful Caroline Castigliano sample dresses for 2 days only. AND receive a further £50 the sample sale price, our Christmas gift to you.

// PALOMA BLANCA SAMPLE SALE, 28th & 29th December.
Massive reductions on beautiful Paloma Blanca sample dresses for 2 days only. AND receive a further £50 the sample sale price, our New Year gift to you.

To celebrate the arrival of our NEW SASSI B BRIDESMAIDS collection (designed and made by Sassi Holford) receive a pair of bridesmaid crystal and pearl droplet earrings with every bridesmaid dress ordered from 14th to 31st December.

For more information and to make an appointment:
Call: 015394 46900 or Email: info@juliatasker.co.uk

All the above offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer at Julia Tasker Bridal Couture.
Non-sale appointments are also available on Sale days.

I can't wait to help you find your perfect wedding dress in December and lets celebrate together with a glass of fizz and a mince pie too!

Julia X

image: Melissa Beatty Photography

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Bridal Styling and Beauty Evening / 3rd November 2016 //

Calling all brides....Have you ever wondered how to 'prep' your skin on the morning of your wedding day? Or when to wash your hair ready for wedding day styling?.......

I am excited to announce that we will be holding an evening of BRIDAL STYLING & BEAUTY here at Julia Tasker Bridal Couture on Thursday 3rd November 2016 from 6:30pm - 8pm. 

Julia Tasker Bridal Couture will be joined by, Helen from Definitions Mobile Beauty and Gareth from Aqua Bridal Hair, Bowness, who will be on hand here in the boutique offering complimentary hair and makeup demos. They will also be offering advice for that all important bridal beauty skin and hair wedding prep. At the evening event Helen will also have available to purchase, products from the TROPIC skincare range - "pure, honest and effective cruelty-free skincare products".

The same evening will see the LAUNCH of the boutique's new lingerie collection by British designed and made POMPADOUR COUTURE LINGERIE. View and purchase feminine and oh so pretty lingerie for your wedding night or honeymoon. Or if you are simply a 'lover of lingerie' you may want to treat yourself! Bridal garters will also be available.

There will also be an exclusive selection of bridal accessories from British bridal accessory designer DEBBIE CARLISLE, a sneaky peek from Debbie's new 2017 'Wild Rose' Collection. A taster of what items will be at our AUTUMN ACCESSORY EVENT with Debbie here in the boutique on Saturday 5th November, 12:30pm - 4:30pm.

Brides will also have a chance to view the newest dress arrivals - our 'BOUTIQUE EDIT' - from our designer 2017 Collections.

If you wish to *attend this exclusive evening event (or the Autumn Accessory Event with Debbie Carlisle), please contact the boutique. 

Email: info@juliatasker.co.uk or Call: 015394 46900.

Please note this is a nonticket event and is open to all brides. 
Spaces are limited for the Bridal and Beauty Evening, therefore early booking is advisable. = *Bride + 2 guests. 

It's going to be fabulous! I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Until next time

Julia X

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sneaky Peek / The new Twenty17 Collection by Sassi Holford //

Hi all,

I can't believe we're half way through the Summer and yet the year! I'm going to be working on a regular blog post again... it's one of my goals I've set myself for the rest of the year. 'Hindered' (in the nicest possible way) by a busy Summer in the boutique... with many brides becoming happy 'Mrs' (I'm not complaining) put a halt to my regular blog posts from the Spring. But as Summer will be soon coming to a close and an eventful Autumn will be soon upon us... I have lots to tell, share and to look forward too. So kicking off with my 'new intention' of regular blogging, I'd like to share with you recently received images of the NEW Twenty17 Sassi Holford Collection. 

Way back in May I viewed Sassi's new collection at the White Gallery in London.... I did a quick video about seeing the collection and of how stunning it is, which I uploaded to the boutique facebook page - my first attempt at vlogging ... well, kind of >>> watch here if you missed it - titled "so this weekend I headed to the White Gallery"

NOW, it's great to have images of the collection to share, I've been eagerly waiting to receive them! The following images were taken from Sassi's catwalk of the collection which I had the pleasure of watching while at the White Gallery and offer a 'sneaky peek' of Sassi's new dresses which will be arriving into the boutique very soon ready for the new Autumn Season.

Sassi, who marks her 35th year in bridal, dedicated her new Twenty17 Collection to her late mother, who, a huge creative influence, sadly passed away earlier this year after a short battle with cancer. 

For the new collection, Sassi has taken her signature style and creativity to the next level with the collection dubbed as 'fierce' with a 'fashion forward edge'. The Twenty17 Collection features an eclectic mix of high fashion pieces, unique textures and soft pops of colour. The dresses are truly amazing and I can't wait for brides to try Sassi's new collection here in the boutique.

Sassi Holford Twenty17 Event news to be released very soon... watch this space!

Until next time.

Julia X

Images Sassi Holford